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Ours is a small honey producing farm headquartered in Powhatan County, Virginia.  Our honey is produced by our bees in our apiaries worked by ourselves.  We have apiaries in Powhatan, Amelia, and Cumberland Counties in Central Virginia. The flora throughout the foraging area of our honey bees consist of Tulip Popular, Black Locust, Wild Rose, Blackberry, and numerous other trees and wild flowers.  We are a certified Virginia Finest Producer of honey, which means we maintain the standards established by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and are thus allowed to use their logo you see below on our honey products. Our "Honey House" as we call it, or our extracting and bottling facility is inspected by the Virginia Department of Consumer Services. With the oversite of these two state agencies, you can be assured you are getting the very best quality honey offered anywhere.

Closing out the 2010 season:

It was quite a year to say the least.  We had an exceptionally cold winter with several feet of snow at various times, replenishing the soil with moisture it has lost the previous few years.  The spring was cool, but otherwise looked good until about mid May when it started getting dry again.  Spring honey flows were consumed and some never harvested any honey.  We were quite lucky and were able to catch a late summer Soybean flow which netted some honey and then moved onto a pollination contract.  All in all it was not a good year, but not a totally bad one either.  As we close out the season and I write these words, we again are faced with drought conditons going into the winter.  We shall see what the Spring of 2011 brings.